Koji Nakamaru and Yoshio Ohno. Enhanced breadth-first ray tracing. Journal of Graphics Tools, 6(4):13-28, 2001

Enhanced Breadth-First Ray Tracing

Koji Nakamaru
Keio University
Yokohama, Japan

Yoshio Ohno
Keio University
Yokohama, Japan

Breadth-first ray tracing that utilizes uniform spatial subdivision can render a large number of objects without breakdown. The original algorithm however has two major drawbacks: redundant data processing and limited grid resolution. We present several refinements for these drawbacks and realize fast and robust external ray tracing. We achieved speedups of roughly up to 4x for SPD scenes with up to 50 million objects, and up to 14x for pathological cases with 1 billion objects, all rendered on a PC with 256MB memory.

Statistical Analysis:
A report shows detailed experimental results.

Rendered images for huge data. The view parameter is the only difference between `rings368m' and `rings368': the view frustum of `rings368m' contains approximately 1,000,000 objects.
mount14 rings368 rings368m
#objects: 536,870,916 #objects: 1,000,787,041 #objects: 1,000,787,041
48.50GB 86.77GB 86.77GB

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